Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Impact Mapping

Tomorrow, Wednesday 2/19/14, we are going to be doing some impact mapping in my 7th grade History classes. My librarian, Mary Fraser, has been gracious enough to lend her feedback and expertise to me in planning this exercise, and will be on-hand to help facilitate.

Impact mapping is the next step in processing the feedback students received on their independent projects during Pitch Day. Having generated an initial idea and pitched it to an audience, students are now beginning their first refinement phase, taking the feedback they received, brainstorming who, what, how, where, when, and why their work as so far envisioned will be of importance, and then identifying gaps and next steps to research in order for their projects to ultimately be whole and successful. At its core, this is an empathy activity, and one meant for students to critically reflect upon their work up to this point.

We will be working on this refinement stage (and modeling the more concrete steps in the research process) over the next several weeks. Additionally, I will be documenting tomorrow’s learning with still photography and video, and posting excerpts here.

I look forward to seeing what my students produce!

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